CardioGenomic Testing Guidelines Database

This database is co-hosted by the CardioGenomic Testing Alliance (CGTA). The database supports healthcare professionals who order or interpret cardiac genetic results in clinical practice. It focuses on clinically actionable guidelines, professional society consensus statements, and a limited number of research articles. This database was originally developed by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and the Northwestern Center for Genetic Medicine. 

Guidelines and consensus documents in cardiac genetics have not been incorporated into every practice. This initiative offers healthcare professionals a comprehensive and easily accessible resource. 

Northwestern initially performed an extensive literature search, which they continue to update. You can visit the full Northwestern database here: Cardiology Guidelines Database. This resource also offers advanced search information. There is a forum to provide feedback, if desired.

This CGTA database includes materials related to genetic and genomic testing in cardiology. It will be updated every three months. CGTA obtained the following information from the full database, limited to publications with genetic testing information:

  • Publication details (title, journal, year, and hyperlink)
  • Type of heritable cardiovascular condition (e.g. arrhythmia, hyperlipidemia, sudden cardiac death)
  • Whether the publication is relevant to children, adults, or both.
  • In addition, we note updates on prior guidelines or consensus statements.

While we make every effort to be comprehensive, there are many peer-reviewed publication types, including formal guidelines, consensus statements, research articles, reviews, editorials and reports from cardiovascular societies. The database provides a curated list of publications deemed most useful currently by a committee of Northwestern experts.

Click here to access the CardioGenomic Testing Guidelines Database